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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then a host of eager entrepreneurs really, REALLY admire Apple Inc. and its visionary founder & CEO, the late Steve Jobs. Dodging Cupertino’s copyright lawyers at every step, they seek to juice up their bland with the famous Apple brand. These 10 outrageous Apple brand and logoripoffs showcase the most egregious transgressions of those eager to co-opt the fruits of Apple’s labor.

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Apple Apples

(Las manzanas Apple – iApple)

Call them Apple Apples or the even more redundant iApple, these logo branded fruits still taste sweet. The concept originated by a Japanese fanboy with far too much time on his hands is based on the fact that apples won’t turn red if they’re not exposed to sunlight. Selective masking results in tasty tattooed fruit that make great desktop offerings to your favorite tech teacher.

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The next best thing to an Apple iPod is an iPod apple… well, sort of. Though it’s rather useless as a music player it can come in quite handy should you get the munchies.

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